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Rob's in Home Furniture Repair

In-home Mobile Service

Convenient in-home service, watch this furniture craftsman work his magic right in your home. Skillfully restoring your furniture or heirlooms without stripping away their original beauty and unique characteristics. Rob has a reputation for using a combination of honed skills and special materials, rubbing compounds, fillings, touch ups, penetration dyes and top coats to beautify your most precious furniture pieces


Rob has used his masterful restoration techniques to magically, restore many fine pieces of furniture including art, panels, gilding, mouldings, decorative pieces, sculptures, antique furniture, as well as new pieces. Call Rob today and send him an image of your restoration project for quoting purposes.

35 Years of Craftmanship

Over the years, Rob has acquired a vast amount of knowledge and many techniques that allow him to take control over damage to wood pieces that one thought would never be able to be restored again.

Master Craftsman

beautify your existing pieces
  • Using acquired skills and materials, rubbing compounds, fillings, touch ups, penetration dyes, and top coating materials, Rob can beautify your family's heirlooms without changing the unique characteristics of your furniture.

Retouching & Repair

No need to replace, fix it
  • Expert furniture retouching
    save on the cost of stripping.
    Repair scratches, nicks, gouges.
    Chair re-gluing.
    Water rings & stain removal.
    Pet damage and antique restoration.

Insurance Claims

Residential & Commercial
  • With over 30 years in the furniture repair and restoration business, Rob has provided quality workmanship and customer service. You can be rest assured that your heirlooms will be handled with an attention to detail.